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Diablo IV’s Hardcore Mode: Permadeath in PvP Zone

Hardcore mode has been a long-standing Diablo tradition dating back to Diablo II, challenging players with the possibility of permanent death. But what happens if your hardcore character happens to stumble into one of Diablo IV’s Fields of Hatred? Well, watch your back.

When asked if there are consequences for hardcore characters dying in Diablo IV’s PvP, Blizzard community director Adam Fletcher simply said, “Permadeath.”

“Permadeath.” https://t.co/ZxRz4eE5GX

Hardcore players will want to tread carefully, as Fields of Hatred can be entered at will in Diablo IV’s open world. There, players can gather Shards of Hatred by killing other players as well as monsters. The areas also feature special vendors, serving as an additional lure to test your power in one of Diablo IV’s PvP zones.

For the daring, there’s the Fearless Combatant achievement, which can only be obtained by getting 10 PvP kills in Hardcore mode. Otherwise, you can completely avoid Fields of Hatred, which is likely the more cautious route unless you become particularly powerful.

Meanwhile, fans will get to try out Diablo IV once again before launch as part of an upcoming “server slam.” The server slam, designed to stress-test Diablo IV’s servers before launch, will include various changes from previous beta tests. It begins at 12 p.m. PST on Friday and ends at 12 p.m. PST on Sunday.

While you wait, check out our latest interview with Diablo IV’s developers as they discuss class changes, dungeons, and more ahead of the final test.

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