GTA Online: Drug Wars – Epic Story Missions & Activities.

The Missions of GTA Online: Drug Wars

Drug Wars is a GTA Online expansion that has been receiving regular updates, including weekly classics that add vehicles, clothing, offers, and double points on certain activities. However, what we’re interested in are the major updates that have included story missions and some activities.

First Dose

The first mission in Drug Wars: First Dose is “Welcome to the Troop,” where Ron asks us to meet him at Licoreria in the north of Los Santos and south of Mar Álamo. We find a group of freaks who grow wrestling, including Ron, Fighter, Labrat, and the crazy Dax. We are introduced to a drug and gang plot, and soon, the shootings start. I join Juan Sanmartín and my two companions to bust all the lost enemies who want to mess up this new drug business. We even steal a camping laboratory Breaking Bad-style!

The next step, “Designated Driver,” is revenge: we raid various Lost locations to steal drugs and mess them up. We ended up stealing a plane. The crazies decide it’s a good time to celebrate, and we all end up taking drugs with Labrat’s new drug, and the experience turns into one of the biggest psychedelic madnesses I’ve ever seen in a video game.

The rest of Primera Dose is based on continuing with the lost and attacking Humane Laboratories to steal the product. Things get out of control, and we end up derailing a train to rob it in true Red Dead Redemption II-style. Pure madness!

Last Dose

Rockstar Games was far from finished with Drug Wars after the first dose missions. A new group of missions arrived with Last Dose to close the plot. We thought the first one was a crazy experience, but the last one surpassed it in almost every way. The attack on the train was unbeatable. It was epic. The beginning of the first mission of Drug Wars: Last Dose, “Intervention,” makes the kind of alienation we are witnessing very clear: Labrat holds a pineapple over his head while Dax takes aim with an RPG. “Do you know what space sounds like? There are people screaming…” Labrat shouts as Dax points the gun. And he shoots… but Labrat ends up moving. In that moment, some gentlemen in white come in and kidnap Labrat.

Things go haywire, and a shootout with explosions and helicopters falling from the sky ensues. Then, we go to various Lost locations to mess them up again and get information about our friend’s location. Finally, we storm the kidnappers’ headquarters, and the plot’s villain is revealed: the damned Isiah Friedlander, leader of FriedMind Pharmaceutical Corporation, and Michael’s former psychologist in GTA V. And he presents himself as a pure villain from the 80s with recordings of his voice and messiah broadcasts.

We save Labrat and prepare to avenge ourselves on Isiah. We end up high again, allowing us to pistol-whip monkeys and double versions of ourselves when we fall from the sky. Finally, we storm Isiah’s cargo plane as he escapes with a parachute, and we steal all his product… but not before killing the entire police force of GTA V and part of GTA VI.


Drug Wars is everything I want for GTA VI. I have had a really good time playing Drug Wars expansion missions. I can confidently say that they are among the best and most fun missions I have played in GTA Online. I’m not an advocate for drug use, but I’m all for mindless psychedelia. Drug Wars is one of the additions to GTA Online that may not change your life, but it will have you flipping out a lot during missions where you no longer know what you’re shooting at. It’s always welcome to borrow marijuana hallucinations from story mode to incorporate them into a game with your friends.

Juan Sanmartín on Drug Wars: “Building raids, speed trains and flying planes, drugs, shootouts against other gangs and the police, chases, complete madness, and 80s-style villains. All of this is what I want to see in GTA VI.”

I don’t know what’s coming in GTA VI or what Rockstar has in store for the future of GTA Online, but both the GTA V campaign and Drug Wars have set a very, very high bar. If I could say something to Rockstar Games going forward, it would definitely be: “This is the way…” And a next-gen version of Red Dead Redemption II, please!