GTA 6: Realistisk vandfysik sætter nye standarder

Leaked Details Suggest GTA 6 Will Set New Standards with Realistic Water Physics

Rockstar Games, the famous game studio behind the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6), is rumored to be bringing simulated water physics to unprecedented levels of realism, according to a recent leak on Twitter.

A Rockstar insider named Aleix Venturas recently shed light on the engineering team’s efforts to improve Rockstar’s internal RAGE engine for GTA 6, as reported by Game Rant.

According to the leak, the simulated water in GTA 6 will surpass the current standards found in other games, even in titles with a strong focus on water environments.

Rockstar’s RAGE engine has already demonstrated industry-leading water physics in previous games such as GTA 5 and “Red Dead Redemption 2”, providing immersive and responsive water experiences.

“NVIDIA has already tried the experiment with WaveWorks 1.0 and 2.0, but the realism-performance ratio could never be exploited. Here’s a representation in a 3D renderer that makes it possible to realize what will suggest the physics of water in #GTA6 in ‘ultra’ graphics mode,” tweeted Venturas according to Nintendos.

In addition, leaked footage shared on Twitter by popular game data miner, Gaming Detective (@that1detectiv3), shows a block of ocean surface and bottom designed using the RAGE 9 engine. The tides of the sea are depicted with an astonishing level of realism, making it challenging to distinguish them from actual recordings. The waves behave naturally and give the impression of an authentic oceanic environment.

“Rockstar’s new iteration of RAGE will include realistic water movements and waves and will likely be implemented in GTA 6,” wrote Gaming Detective according to Sporskeeda.

Both tweets were subsequently removed from Twitter.

Although Rockstar Games has not made any official statements regarding these leaked findings, the developer has a reputation for pushing technological boundaries in its games, and the inclusion of realistic water movements would be yet another testament to their commitment to delivering immersive and groundbreaking experiences.

Source: Benzinga.