Dota 2 Legend EternaLENVy Announces Retirement –

Dota 2 Legend, EternaLENVy, Announces Retirement

EternaLENVy, known as “EE-sama” to fans, has announced his retirement from everything related to Dota 2. This includes his professional career, streaming, and the Dota 2 memes he is associated with. He is a respected legend among many old players and fans. During his prime from 2012-2016, he was a part of Dota’s elite and a challenger at most major events.

EternaLENVy’s Career Highlights

EternaLENVy has been in the competitive scene for a very long time, mostly “serving” the infamous North American region. His most prominent highlight in his career was during the International 2014 version of Cloud 9, where he played alongside all-stars such as Wehsing “SingSing” Yuen, Kurtis “Aui_2000″Ling, and Johan”pieliedie” Åström. He also occasionally ventures into other regions and competes for Team Secret in Western Europe and Fnatic in Southeast Asia.

“I think people underestimate how many dota ideas stem from EE’s innovations. Easily the person who taught me the most through my time in dota. I’m so grateful for the memories and the influence you’ve had on my life. Gl in the future! Mlg Columbus will always be my favorite tournament.” – Aui_2000

Fans remember his best days in Team Secret, where he won the Shanghai Major 2016. As for his time in Fnatic, it could be argued that it was not his best professional career to be associated with the “Pizza Party” Dota 2 meme.

Words from Other Dota 2 Pro-Players

EE-sama is memorable even among his Dota 2 rivals and friends. Former teammate Aui_2000 sends his regards and acknowledges EE’s innovations in drafts and meta.

However, in such a competitive landscape, even the great EE has his haters. Many North American players surely have many things to say about their experiences with EternaLENVy, especially Nicolas “Gunnar” Lopez, who received the same treatment as Ohaiyo when he was kicked by the latter just weeks before the Disneyland Paris Major.

Farewell to EE-sama

As EE announces his retirement, fans bid farewell and wish him the best in his future endeavors as a software engineer.