FACEIT afslører 128 tick, men Counter-Strike 2 servere kører stadig ved 64 ticks

Counter-Strike fans demand higher tick rate servers in CS2

Counter-Strike fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of CS2, but one major complaint amongst the community is the server tick rates. Former pro player and popular streamer n0thing criticized CS:GO in 2019 for its lack of 128 tick rate servers, which are believed to provide smoother gameplay. Despite the release of CS2, the servers remain at the previous 64 ticks, while third-party platform FACEIT has announced their servers to be 128 ticks. This has frustrated many players, who were expecting the higher tick rate servers in the new version.

Fans express their frustration

Upon learning that the servers in CS2 are still running at 64 ticks, many players expressed their frustration. Some stated that this was one of the main reasons they were excited for the new version, and others mentioned that they may switch back to FACEIT for the better server experience. The tick rate determines how fast the server updates the game, and a higher tick rate is believed to provide smoother gameplay. Many players were disappointed to learn that CS2 did not introduce the desired 128 tick rate servers.

Valve’s Sub-Tick update falls short

In an effort to address the tick rate issue, Valve introduced a new Sub-Tick server update system in CS2. This was aimed at providing a tick boost during specific in-game movements. However, players have pointed out that despite this update, the servers still remain at 64 ticks. It is uncertain if Valve will reconsider their decision and adopt the widely favored 128 tick rate servers in the future.

Conclusion: Will CS2 meet fans’ expectations?

With CS2 still in beta testing and the full release expected soon, fans are hopeful that Valve will take their feedback into consideration. The demand for higher tick rate servers in CS2 is evident, and many players believe that this would greatly enhance the gameplay experience. As the anticipation builds, players are eagerly awaiting the official release of CS2 and hoping that Valve will make the necessary changes to meet their expectations.

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